Earn Money in 2023: Earn money while studying in college, here are 4 great ways to earn money

After completing high school, students enter college life for higher education. During college life, students need many additional expenses including college expenses, cost of buying books, tuition fees. Many students depend on their families for these expenses, while others want to raise their own expenses.

There are several ways to study in college, through which you will earn a lot of money (Earning Ways For College Students) . So that you can bear all the necessary expenses including your own spending money.

Today’s report is especially for college students. If you follow these ways, you can earn (College Students Jobs) in several ways besides studying in college.

1) Catering Services:

Apart from studying in college, one of the most popular part-time jobs is catering service business .

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Nowadays there are many event theaters or lodges where some event or the other is often held. Every event needs a good catering service. If you can work in catering services in the area, then you can earn a lot of money at the end of the month.

The work of catering service is mainly from evening till night. In some special cases it may be from morning till night, but not every day. That’s why you can do catering work in free time or evening to night besides studying in college.

There are many who work in catering as a part time , many do full time catering work and event management together. If you want, you can earn your necessary money through catering work even from studies.

2) Food Delivery Boy:

While studying in college, the job of delivery boy (Food Delivery Boy) is quite popular as a part time job . There are many who order food online instead of cooking at home. Currently Swiggy and Zomato are two popular food delivery companies. If you know how to ride cycle and bike you can apply for delivery boy in these companies.

In addition to studying in college, you can do this job as a part time (Part Time Job For Colleges Students) at night , or you can do the job of delivery boy as a full time in your spare time.

You can earn about twenty thousand rupees every month by working as a delivery boy. With this money, you will be able to manage your own expenses and even meet some of the daily needs of the family easily.

3) Tuition:

One of the ways to earn money while studying in college is to teach tuition (Tuition Business For Students). As there is extra respect in this job, there is also an opportunity to earn big money by the month.

Consider teaching a subject that you are experienced in first. Then the place of teaching should be selected and the students should be recruited. You can teach both online and offline. You need to have knowledge about how teachers of that subject are teaching, how much money they are taking, how students are studying in school, how parents want to be taught – etc.

In terms of online teaching, you can also teach students away from home through online. This will save you a lot of time in commuting and you can earn extra time by teaching others .

Besides, if you can upload your teaching videos on YouTube, you have the opportunity to earn from there as well. Moreover, there is an opportunity to earn through making notes, selling notes, etc.

4) Mehndi Artist:

Nowadays many children are working as mehendi artists . Girls are more skilled as mehndi artists. You can earn up to thousands of rupees every month through this job. Besides, during the festival season the earnings are several times higher.

First you need to take mehndi designing course or learn mehndi from a good designer. Then promote your work through social media or friends.

After a few days, if someone needs mehndi done on a festive occasion, you will be the one to call. You can earn a lot of money by getting mehndi done there. The big mehndi artists charge from 1000Ruppes to 10000 Ruppes for each mehndi.

So if you get a chance to mehndi a total of 10 people throughout the month, then you can earn a minimum of 5 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

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Here are four ways for college students to earn money. You can apply these ideas in your life if you want. There is nothing to say about your losses in this business, but if you are patient enough, you will earn quite a lot of money every month and as time goes on, your earnings will increase.

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