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How To Apply Ezeepay CSP online - Ezeepay Retailer CSP

How To Apply Ezeepay CSP online – Ezeepay Retailer CSP Id free

Ezeepay CSP

UPI QR Ezeepay

Upi QR option in Ezeepay is, if someone gives you money, you can take money through it. The money will come to your Ezeepay immediately, then you will be able to send that money to your bank.

This system is so important that you will understand when you run it. A buyer took the cost of Rs 27 from your shop, now the buyer will send the money to your bank with your Paytm / phonepay or Google pay in that case the buyer will send you but Rs 25. After sending money, you can’t tell him to send 2 rupees again.

In this way, the shopkeeper is very stingy. In this case, you will ask the customer to scan any UPI (Phonepay, Google pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay) after making QR CODE by typing in this Ezeepay UPI QR. Will not get

In some cases, your customer will send you money from other place, you can write the amount of money you want to make a QR CODE screenshot or picture and send it to the customer, the customer will be able to pay you very easily. Nowadays most people pay online. And all you have to do is go to My Report below and see the Qr Report who sent you the money.

Ezeepay Aadher pay

Adiarpai is an option that you can withdraw money from many times a month with Andharcard, and you can withdraw money from Aadharpay when the money is no longer coming from the bank or with Andharcard.

You can withdraw money from some banks at least three to four times every day. This is the important thing. If a customer takes a charge from your shop but his bank limit is exceeded then you can withdraw money in this way with his dark card. And if you want to check it, you will see in Aadherpay in My Report option who has withdrawn how much money


You can easily take money from people by texting on your mobile. If you get money from someone, you can send the payment link to Mobile Massage / E-mail / Whatsapp by sending the mobile number and how much money you get through Essays Payment.

The customer will be able to pay your money by clicking on that link. The biggest advantage of this SMS payment is that in case of Dhani Loan, the money will come directly from Dhani Wallet to your Pioneer 2. You will be charged for withdrawing money from that customer. There are many more benefits to using them all

Aadhar Withdrawal Ezeepay

Withdrawal of money from bank with Aadher card is called aadher withdrawal. With Aadher card, you can withdraw ten thousand rupees every day from any bank. Some banks can withdraw more than Rs 20,000 from State Bank of India,

Thirty thousand taka can be withdrawn from paytm payment bank, twenty five thousand  can be withdrawn from Airtel Payment bank, thirty thousand  can be withdrawn from Uco bank, thirty thousand taka can be withdrawn from fedaral bank, there are many more banks that can withdraw twenty to forty thousand  every day .

Balance Inquiry Ezeepay

In India, money can be checked in all banks except Bondhan Bank. It is very easy to check the bank account, go to the balance inquiry option and then you don’t have to press the aadher number.Then search for the name of your bank, do the next with the mobile number at the end of all, then set your Marpho or Mantra Device, click on Scan Finger and press your hand, it will show your account balance immediately.

Bank Statement Ezeepay

If you buy any money from your bank or you can see it just like someone cut it, in this app, it is very easy to get out the account statement in PioneerBay. First you have to go to the account statement option and click on it, then you have to take the number with the Aadhaar card number or by scanning, then you have to find and select the name of the bank from which you will issue the statement,

Next you have to go with the last mobile number, then you will be able to extract the statement by printing on the finger machine. Here you will see only the last ten transactions. You will be able to find out the statements of all the banks that have IMPS.

How To Apply Ezeepay CSP online - Ezeepay Retailer CSP

Money Transfor Ezeepay

Whether you can send money to any bank, IMPS or NAEFT will easily go to the bank account, you can send millions of rupees every day. For example, first give your mobile number by clicking on the money transfer option, then after giving all the theories of your bank account and Brans, you have to write and send the money.

Railways Ticket Booking

It is very easy to get a train ticket from Ezeepay. Anyone can make tickets in these apps. A sleeper ticket earns a commission of Tk 20 and an AC ticket earns a commission of Tk 40

Income Tax

The most important thing is that you can fill the form yourself, whether your own or humanThere are services like making PAN card, flight ticket, bus ticket, many more

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