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Who Owns The Internet – Who Owns The Internet Servers

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 Who Owns The Internet 

No one actually owns the internet, and no single person or organization controls the internet in its entirety. More of a concept than an actual tangible entity, the internet relies on a physical infrastructure that connects networks to other networks. Ther are many organizations, corporations, governments, 

schools, private citizens and service providers that own pieces of infrastructure, but there is no one body that owns it all. There ae however, organizations that oversee and standardize what happens on  internet and assigns IP addresses and domain names, such as the national science foundation, the internet engineering task force, icann, Internet and internet architecture board.


 The Internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks worldwide. No one knows exactly how many computers are connected to the internet. It is certain, however, that these numbers are in the millions.

 No one is in charge of the internet. There are organizations which develop technical aspects of this network and set standards for creating applications on it, but no governing body is in control. The Internet backbone, through which Internet traffic flows, is owned by private companies.

 All computers on the Internet communicate with one another using the Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol suite, abbreviated to TCP/IP. Computers on the Internet use a Client/server architecture. This means ha the remote server machine provides files and services to
 the user’s local client machine. software cad be installed on a client’s computer to take advantage of  The latest access technology.

 An internet user access to a wide variety of services:  electronic mail, file transfer, vast Information resources, interest group membership, interactive collaboration, multimedia displays, real-time broadcasting, shopping opportunities, breaking news, and much more,


 The internet consists primarily of a variety of access protocols. Many of these protocols
 feature programs that allow users to search for and retrieve  material made available by the protocol. Its a collection of networks- a network of networks-computers sharing information via common set of networking and software protocols.

 Here are some of the ways the Internet can be useful to you: Exchange E-mail with millions of people with E-mail addresses.Search for, retrieve, and read a literally innumerable number of files stored on computers throughout the world. Search for and bring to your computer shareware, freeware, and commercial software. Search data bases of governments, individuals, and organizations for file on various topics

 Join specific topic-oriented discussion groups, (known as Newsgroups)Send and receive program data files such as desktop publishing files, Spreadsheets, CAD fles or word processor fles, which you or the receiver can immediately stat to work on.Send or receive sound, animation and picture files fom distant places. Set up temporary or permanent discussion or work-oriented groups. Browse through resources of private or public information services that are on the internet.

 Communicate in real ime, with others connected to the internet.Set up a site with information about your company’s products and services.Browse and search “catalogs’ of goods and services, and purchase items on line.Conduct test marketing.Distribute/read electronic publications.

Sell products and services

Enumerated above are only some of the uses of the Internet, which are commonly known/these are like the tip of an iceberg- no one knows what all’s possible. The important thing to realize is that the Internet permits almost anything. Your imagination is the only limit

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