Pathaan to earn 300 crore in opening weekend – Trends Pathan

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Pathan movie’ can reach 300 crore rupees in the first week, ‘Pathan’ on the first day of the box office has shown that it will continue its reign for a few weeks.

King Khan has once again proved that Bollywood’s golden days will return. Trend says `Pathan Movie’ will break movie records. At the request of the audience, three hundred shows have been extended across the country.

The audience is so crowded to watch “Pathan Movie” that the show continues from seven in the morning till twelve at night. It is understood that “Pathan Movie” has a great place in the minds of the audience.

According to box office reports, “Paathan” made 45 to 50 crore rupees on the first day.The Telugu and Tamil versions of “Pathan” are doing very well in South India.

“Pathan” is storming the box office, hinting at record advance bookings. The Bajrang team had threatened a few days back that the film would not be released in Gujarat.

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Hard-line members stormed a cinema hall in Guwahati to block the screening of the film. Objections were raised. Actress Deepika Padukone’s outfit was also heavily criticized.Seeing that “Pathan Movie” is running on trading, the colors are completely faded.

Pathaan to earn 300 crore in opening weekend - Trends PathanTrends Pathan
Trends PathanPathaan to earn 300 crore in opening weekend – Trends Pathan

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