Rubber Band Making Business Complete Method

Rubber Band Making Business

Nowadays everyone wants to be independent. As the job market is getting tighter, people are focusing more on business and work. Earlier we also talked about how to do business in a small space at home. Besides, some of the best business ideas for village people were also written in the previous report.

Today I will tell you about such a business idea, through which you can earn up to 1000 rupees per hour.Nowadays in every shop starting from home, the use of rubber bands or girders has increased tremendously. The business of making rubber bands is flourishing in North India, the price of girders or rubber bands is a little higher in our state i.e. West Bengal. You can start a Gadar making business on your own initiative in your locality.

If you are planning to make rubber bands and become financially independent, then read this report carefully. This report will provide detailed information about the Rubber Band Manufacturing business.

How to start a rubber band making business?

You can start the business of rubber bands or girders in two ways. You can cut rubber band tubes from the market and make girders. Or you can make rubber band tube yourself by mixing different chemicals. Then they can be cut and sold in the market as girders. You can start this business in less time. For this business you need some skilled workers and electricity.

What are the raw materials for making gadar?

Rubber band tubes are to be purchased as the main raw material for the business of making gadars. Besides, if you want to make rubber band tubes by yourself, you can start this business very small by buying some telcom powder and some chemicals. The complete list of raw materials is:

  • Rubber Color Chemical Powder
  • the latest
  • Calcium chloride
  • salt

These will come in handy if you want to make rubber band tubes. If you want to do rubber band business only by buying tubes, then you have to buy only rubber band tubes as raw material.

Where to buy raw materials for making rubber bands?

The rubber band tubes that are needed to make rubber bands, you will not find in any normal market. You need to buy it from a big wholesale market or manufacturer. Nowadays, since this business operates in almost all parts of North India, you can buy rubber band tubes at low prices from all these places too. You can buy the chemicals from any big chemical shop.

What machines are needed in the business of making rubber?

You need to buy rubber cutting machine to make gudder. Different brands of machines are available in the market at different prices. Machines are definitely necessary for this business, because without machines, girders of specific size cannot be made.

How much is the price of the rubber band making machine?

As mentioned earlier that rubber band business requires a rubber cutting machine. Different manufacturing companies set different prices for their machines. You can order the machine from Indiamart website. You will get this machine between fifty thousand and 70 thousand rupees.

Where to buy rubber band making machine?

Since the business of making rubber bands in West Bengal has not started in that way, no manufacturing company makes machines here. To buy the machine you have to order from other states of India. But some vendors in big market also sell such machines and raw materials. You can collect this machine by contacting any big market shop.

How Rubber bands are made?)

To learn about the rubber band manufacturing business, you need to know about rubber band tube manufacturing. If you can buy rubber band tubing directly, you can cut it to make a gudder.

But to make rubber band tube you need to know the whole process in detail.

  • First take the chemical of rubber color and mix it with one liter of water and mix it well.
  • Once the mixture is ready, pour the mixture into the latex and mix well.
  • A rubber brand tube should be dipped in dirty salt water. After that, it should be kept without water for a while.
  • Then the rubber brand dies should be well dipped in the latex. Then it should be dried for a day.
  • When it is well dried, make a small cut towards the head, add water and take the tubes out.
  • Then all the tubes should be thoroughly immersed in water for about one to five hours.
  • Then each tube should be set and cut on the rubber band making machine. Rubber bands are made by cutting them.
  • The gadars thus produced have to be measured to specific weights and packaged for sale in the market.

How much space is needed to make a business?

Gaddar making business requires a little bigger space. Only girder cutting does not require much space. But if you are making rubber band tubes completely, you will need a large space. If you only want to buy machines and do business, then 100 square feet room is enough. But to make rubber bands by following the complete method, a room of at least 300 square feet is required.

(Do you need a license to make rubber bands?)

Having a license is very beneficial in every business. Since the rubber band manufacturing business is a chemical related business, you need to have a license for the chemical. You can start your business with several other licenses, such as:

  • Trade license
  • MSME Registration
  • Aadhaar Enterprise License
  • trademark
  • GST Number

Now that everything is available online, you can also get these by applying online. All these licenses will cost you around 3 to 4 thousand rupees. You need to contact Panchayat office and BDO office to inquire about license and get details.

How is the marketing of rubber bands?

Marketing is important for any business. You have to adopt some means by which the daily made girders are sold every day.

  • Every small and big shop in the area can sell rubber bands through retail marketing.
  • Large wholesale stores and hardware stores in the area can sell rubber bands wholesale.
  • You can sell rubber bands in Kolkata bazaars or other big wholesale markets through packaging.
  • By creating your own business account on various e-commerce sites, you can sell your products through them.
  • On various social media like facebook, google and youtube you can start online sales quickly by doing small ads and posting about your products.
  • Every store needs girders. So you can create multiple distributors in different areas and promote your product through them.

How much money does it take to make a rubber band business?

To start rubber band manufacturing business you need to spend around one lakh rupees in the beginning. You have to spend 50 to 70 thousand rupees to buy this machine. Apart from this, you will have to spend Rs. If you bring and sell rubber bands in tubes, you will reduce this cost. But business should be started with full enthusiasm, so if you do the whole process yourself and then start selling, your profit will increase more.

How much is the profit in the business of making gadar?

When you have to start this business with 1 lakh rupees then you will get a lot of profit. You can earn 1000 rupees per hour through this business. The gudder making machine can produce 20 kg of rubber bands per hour. You can earn 50 rupees by selling rubber bands per kg. Your profit per twenty kg will be Rs.1000. That means you can earn 1000 rupees every hour. If you start this business with full enthusiasm, you are going to make a profit of one lakh rupees or more every month.

What is the price of rubber band tube?

DC tubes are bought at Rs 150/kg and after making rubber bands, they can be sold at a wholesale price of Rs 200 to Rs 250.

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