Khloé Kardashian says a new hairstyle 'changed the shape of my face'

Khloé Kardashian kicked off the new year with some sass. On Tuesday, January 3, The Kardashians star posted pictures of herself from a photoshoot for Sorbet magazine on Instagram.

The reaction? Some people in the comments are saying Khloé's face is heavily edited, and others joke that she looks like Heidi Klum and even Taylor Swift.

Kardashian, however, is defending herself and claiming that the clip-on bangs she wore for the shoot changed her appearance. In the caption of one of the photos, she wrote

I am surprised with how much I liked the bangs even though they changed the shape of my face."

In response to a sarcastic comment in which an IG user wrote, "Ohhh it was the bangs that changed your face so much in these pics?" Kardashian replied,

I openly talk about my nose job, and anyone who 'looks up' to me must know I’ve lost over 60 pounds over the years. So recently the only change is the bangs. I didn’t know I had to do a running list."

Either way, attacking someone is sad in my opinion,” Khloé Kardashian continued. "Unprovoked is the saddest part. If you are offended or don’t like what you see

you simply don’t have to say anything. I hope you have a great first week of the new year. Thanks for making mine so jolly," she said. “Women attacking other women is lame. Happy new year."

All the KarJenners are often accused of heavily editing photos posted on their Instagram posts and either playing off or simply ignoring when the picture police engage

More recently, there was a little controversy over Kim Kardashian editing out her belly button, and photoshopping Khloé's daughter True onto Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi's body

Her excuse was that True was a better fit for her Insta feed. So relieved we got an explanation for that one!