PHARMACIST'S DAY 2023: see BEAUTIFUL PHRASES to honor this professional on his day

This January 20th, Pharmacist Day is celebrated , one of the most important professions today.

The professional is responsible for developing medicines and synthetic elements , thus using them in order to help in the healing process of sick people .

The pharmacist, nowadays, replaces the old apothecaries in older periods, since they basically had the same function.

According to the Federal Council of Pharmacies (CFF) , Pharmacist's Day came from the idea of making a day to celebrate the profession , all of this thought in 1941 .

The choice of January 20 was due to the fact that it was the same day as the foundation of the Associação Brasileira de Farmacêuticos (ABF) .

Thus, through Resolution No. 323 of 1998, the federal agency began using Pharmacist's Day  to honor professionals in the area.

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