Today I raise my voice": Ángela Aguilar reacted to her alleged intimate photos spread on network

The singer regretted that there are people who make an effort to attack women and discredit their work

Ángela Aguilar , the young regional Mexican singer, broke the silence regarding the alleged intimate images that have circulated in recent days on social networks, which she assured are false .

I usually stay quiet because I prefer to express my heart with what makes it beat, music. But today, I raise my voice and use my platform and echo,

not only for me, but for all the women and people who have suffered cyber bullying ”, could be read in a statement shared by the artist on her Instagram account.

It was mainly on Twitter where, at the beginning of this week, multiple accounts began to share photos with alleged intimate content of the singer and there were even those who claimed that there was a video of the same type.

However, in the words of Ángela Aguilar herself, they were all edited and apocryphal images. “ Fake images and photomontages of me have been being shared ,” she included in her message.

The 19-year-old artist considered it sad and unfortunate that people engage in this type of practice to "assault and discredit the work of women."

Towards the end of his message, he thanked those who have expressed their support and invited his followers to raise their voices "and that no one ever turn us off." In addition, he warned that he would take legal action and accompanied the publication with the hashtag #LeyOlimpia .

It should be remembered that the Olimpia Law refers to a set of legislative reforms that recognize and penalize digital violence and crimes against the sexual intimacy of people through digital media.

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