WB Bans The Kerala Story: 'The Kerala Story' is banned in West Bengal, 'it cannot be played in any hall', says Mamata

WB Bans The Kerala Story: The movie 'The Kerala Story' made in the context of conversion cannot be shown in any hall of Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has directed.

Mamata directed the Chief Secretary to take appropriate action if this film is screened in any cinema hall in West Bengal.

The state government is afraid of inciting unrest if The Kerala Story is shown.

The scenes depicted in the movie are dangerous to the peace and order of the state', the Mamata-led government banned 'The Kerala Story'.

Earlier, 'The Kerala Story' was removed from the theaters in Tamil Nadu, but it was decided by the Tamil Nadu Theater Owners Association.

This is the first time that 'The Kerala Story' has been officially banned in any state of the country.

Fearing that the scenes shown in this movie could be dangerous to the peace and order of the state, the screening of this film was banned in all districts including Kolkata. This decision of the state administration is to maintain peace and order.