What is OnlyFans, content platform used by Key Alve

You may not be a user, but you've certainly heard of OnlyFans , an alternative for artists, influencers and content creators to monetize their work.

Created in 2016, in London, the platform took, over time, another path in relation to the initial idea. If before the intention was to share news and exclusive works for subscribers, such as songs and video clips, now OnlyFans is dominated, especially, by adult content  even from professionals outside the area.

More and more artists join OnlyFans with the intention of sharing material made for people over 18 through subscriptions or individual purchases of a certain content.

In 2021, creators tried to get rid of adult entertainment and ended up banning sexually explicit publications, claiming problems with payment platforms.

After negative reviews from subscribers, the company backtracked. Now, OnlyFans has around 150 million users and more than 5 million content creators.

Anitta , Cardi B , Key Alves and Thomaz Costa are some of the celebrities who have joined the platform in recent years.