What Ranbir has to say on Alia’s Lipstick

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When Ranvir talked about actress Alia Bhatt’s lipstick removal, the net world went on strike. This issue is being criticized in various places. For quite some time, even the netizens have commented that Ranveer is ‘toxic’. This time the answer came from Ranbir Kapoor.

Alia Bhatt recently posted a video on social media, The Times of India reported. There Alia Bhatt said that Ranbir Kapoor likes her natural lip color.

When that video went viral, the netizens called Ranveer toxic, then Ranvir opened up.

Although avoiding the topic of not being allowed to apply lipstick. He is aware of the fact that everyone calls Ranveer toxic. Ranveer said, “Those who call me ‘toxic’, condemn the rule of men, I actually support them. He also said that I came to Bollywood film industry only to act. Nothing beyond that.”

Earlier Ranvir and Alia had been criticized for their relationship. Ranvir doesn’t like Alia’s loud talk at all. So there were many criticisms about this. Ranvir also faced criticism from netizens for calling Alia fat during the promotion of Ranvir’s Vrikshastra movie.

We might see Sandeep Reddy opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Animal next time. Rashmika Mandana will be seen in the movie which is going to be released on December 1.

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