Unhappy with 60 children, 3 wives, this Pakistani man will marry again to become a father

Not satisfied with three wives and 60 children.

A Pakistani man has expressed his desire to become a father after remarrying.

He became the father of 60 children, not two or ten.

However, the effort did not end. Rather, he is looking for a mother for his future child in the coming days

It sounds like a bit of a story, but in reality, a person from Pakistan has expressed such a wish. However, Sardar Jan Mohammad Khan Khilji, a man from Pakistan,

proudly reported that he was the father of 60 children. But not in one woman's womb, his three wives are the mothers of 60 children.

50-year-old Sardar Jan Mohammad Khan Khilji has just become the father of his 60th child. The youngest son is named Kushal Khan.

A resident of Quetta's Eastern Bypass, he is well known in the area for his large family of 3 wives and 60 children.