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8 Big Mistakes Students Make in Life – Student Mistakes 2023

8 Big Mistakes Students Make in Life

Student life is the most important time to prepare for the next life. At this time, many people have to face many adverse situations in the future if they do not have an idea about the surrounding conditions, their own condition and various things in the workplace. It is in the student life that one realizes one’s true self, acquires knowledge about the future.

Student life is a stage of greatest potential. The studies done during this time can be used in his future for earning money or can also be used for acquiring knowledge.

As there are many opportunities in student life, some mistakes can ruin student life completely or partially. A few mistakes in student life can make future life miserable. The whole future can become dark.Let’s take a look at seven mistakes that almost everyone makes in student life, and which everyone regrets later.

Utilization of time:

Many people do not spend their time properly in student life. A lot of time is wasted in sports, mobile, gaming etc. There is a shortage of time to improve the skills you know or to study. If you don’t do the right thing at the right time, the mountain of work accumulates later and the reluctance to work is created.

 So everyone must make good use of time in student life. It is as important to go to the field to play sports as it is to study. Mobile or gaming can be useful for mental relaxation, but not to the point of overdoing it – so that most of the day is not wasted.


Laziness is the biggest enemy of student life. Many students fall behind over time simply because of laziness. Many students spend time on other activities instead of studying properly. Laziness comes to study, many don’t want to do homework given in school or private.

 Later they try to settle it somehow with an excuse. Laziness is one of the obstacles to improve your skills. Those who play cricket, learn to sing, learn to recite poetry, if they take their mind away from these things through idleness – the results will be far-reaching in the future.

missing class

Besides laziness, another problem in student life is missing school or private classes. Many a times students continue to give school and private earnings for need and need with various excuses. As a result,

they cannot follow the school syllabus and become disoriented during exams. The result is in the examination book and result. When the results came out, it was seen that students who used to earn huge amounts of school and tuition had a very poor result. And this bad result will deprive them of many good opportunities in future.

don’t ask questions

Many students are introvert type. Even if they don’t understand any reading of school or coaching, they don’t ask any questions. As a result, they do not get full knowledge about the particular subject and get low marks in the exam book. When a difficult subject is taught in school or coaching,

if students ask a lot of questions if they don’t understand, then even the difficult subject starts to seem easy to know the answers to those questions. So every student must clear the things they don’t understand in coaching or school by repeatedly asking them.

Not following the study routine

A certain routine should be followed for studying. There should be a certain daily routine of waking up in the morning, when to have breakfast, when to sit down with a book, going to school, coming home to eat, play, then read a book. Students must follow this routine. 
By following this routine, school and coaching homework will be completed on time. Along with that various entertainments such as sports, watching TV will be done as per the routine. A specific study routine is also required. Every student will benefit if they make a routine about what day, what time, how much they should study.

Not knowing about future jobs:

Most of the students have no idea about the future job opportunities. As a result, they continue to study in a particular subject, but do not find any job direction of their choice. 

If you know in advance where you are going, the route is convenient for you. If students can study in that way with their own goals in mind, they will soon gain job knowledge and enter the job field.

Effects of Kusanga:

Kusang is one of the enemies in the life of students. A good friend will help you in your danger, help you study, give you courage, boost your morale. But if the friend is bad then no benefits or opportunities will come in your life.

 Most of the students fall into bad company and enter into a life of addiction and disorder. As a result, their future becomes completely dark. Everyone should understand the friends around him and try to mix with only those friends who are good.

Excessive Mobile Use:

Children now grow up with mobile phones from a young age. A large part of the day is wasted behind the mobile. From social media to gaming – most students don’t realize how much time is wasted during the day. As a result, their results are bad, eyes are affected, mental stress is created, distance from real life increases and above all there is a big loss.

8 Big Mistakes Students Make in Life

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