Good news for customers, ATM service has started at door. On behalf of SBI Bank

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You will get ATM service sitting at home and no need to go to any bank or ATM or bank branch. Every person gets tired of withdrawing money from ATM. It is very uncomfortable for common people to withdraw money from the ATM in this hot summer rush.

In the digital era, SBI offers door-to-door ATM service to avoid such problems.

How it will work: ATM service will help those who have very urgent withdrawals. To use it, the user can send a whatsapp message to the number provided by the bank for this purpose, the ATM service at the door will be available.

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The bank authorities said that basically after receiving the message, the SBI bank agents will go to the customers’ homes and provide services as is done in the bank.

For ATM services, each agent will be provided with a lightweight mobile device that works like an ATM machine.

There, withdrawal, sending money, balance check, mini statement, all work in the bank will be done on that device. Debit card can even be used along with credit card from account opening.

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Good news for customers, ATM service has started at door. On behalf of SBI Bank
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