By Investing Only A Small Amount In The Stationery Business, The Earnings will touch the sky. See details

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The Stationery Business

Retailers have played a very important role in the Indian economy in the stationery business. School students in India require more than 20 crore stationery items every year.

As the government is focusing on education, the profits of stationery traders are increasing. But if you want to earn good income by investing little money, you can start stationery business.

Where to Start a Stationery Business

Start this business in front of school, college or any educational institution. This business wholesale can be opened in various shops, schools, offices.

By Investing Only A Small Amount In The Stationery Business, The Earnings will touch the sky. See details

What items are needed

  • Notepad: Notepad is required in every school, college, office, so it should be kept.
  • Writing book or writing sheet: Writing book is very necessary in every school, office and college. Similarly written seat is also very necessary school or office written seat is very necessary so they should be kept.
  • Cards: Making wedding cards, making birthday cards, making different types of ID cards and PVC cards, business will go well.
  • Pencils and Markers: Having a variety of stylish pens, pencils, markers etc. at low cost will attract students especially.
  • Office items: Those used in office like cover file, stapler, marker pen, red color pen, making office seal, etc. should be kept.
  • Use of computers: Your business must have computers. If you have a computer, you can do a lot of work such as xerox, printing, form filling and more. You can earn a lot of money from them.

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Shop Rules

Before opening this shop, you have to register on the shop and establishment website. You have to invest only 50 to 60 thousand rupees in this business. However, if you open a shop in front of a school, college or office, you can earn a lot of income. Moreover, you can open a business in any market.

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