Most Profitable Small Businesses : Know 21 best business ideas to do in the village.

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Most Profitable Small Businesses

Villages are spread over vast areas of India and Bangladesh. A large number of people live in villages as well as in urban areas. While urban areas have various facilities, rural areas do not have all the same facilities. Many people think that cities are the best places to do business and doing business in villages is not possible at all. But in reality this idea is not true. Even from village you can do business and earn thousands of rupees every month.

Agriculture is the livelihood of most people in rural areas. But many people are not interested in farming, many want to start their own business. But it is not possible in all cases due to suitable guide, mental strength and financial constraints. Nowadays, from villages to cities, everyone wants to be self-sufficient. With a well-planned business even in the village, you can earn up to several thousand rupees. Success will follow if you follow the right path and choose the right livelihood.

Today in this report you will be told about 21 business ideas that you can do in the village. If you work hard and work patiently, you can earn thousands and millions of taka from the village. Besides, when the business becomes very big, you will be able to provide employment opportunities to others in the village as well as being self-sufficient.

Below are 21 best business ideas to do in the village:

1. Herb Farming Business: 

A business to start with less capital is the herb farming business. Herbalism mainly involves the cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants that are used to make various medicines.

If you grow herbs, you can sell your produce through a nearby Patanjali store or local shop. You can also sell your herbs through the nursery system.

2. Motorcycle Repairing and Servicing:

Now almost every household has a motorcycle in the village as well as in the city. Every motorcycle has problems. Or even if fixed, a new problem appears after a day or two. Moreover, there are problems like motorcycle leaking, too much washing, too much horn noise – etc.

3. Flower business:

From every auspicious occasion to marriage, Shraddha and many other occasions, flowers are needed. Flower production is more in villages than in cities. If you want to start a business using flower production, then there is no better place than the village.

You can grow flowers in your village to start this business. You can also sell the produced flowers in the city. Besides, you can sell various beautiful things made of flowers in villages, cities or different markets.

4. Sewing:

One of the businesses in the village is tailoring. Goods are bought from the big markets of Kolkata and the villagers cut and sew them into beautiful clothes which are sold in the big markets of Kolkata.

If you have a sewing machine at home and if you have learned sewing, you can start a tailoring business at very low cost. You can start by buying clothes directly from a big market or by buying clothes from a big tailor in the area.

5. Milk Business:

Many people in the village keep cows, buffaloes, goats for milk. And the rest they sell. Besides, there are many people who do not get the milk they need.

If you can arrange to collect leftover milk and sell it, you have a chance to earn a lot of money every month.

For this you need to collect several large containers. Also you can sell milk by packets.

6. Seasonal Business:

Seasonal businesses are generally businesses that can only be done at a certain time of the year.

You can do fireworks business during Diwali, ice cream and other cold things in summer, color business during Holi, Rakhi business during Rakhi Bandhan.

Seasonal business is very good in India. Besides, there are thirteen Parbans in twelve months in Bengal, so you will not lose at all in this business.

7. Sweet Shop:

One of the businesses to be done in the village is the sweet shop business. Many houses in the village keep cows and buffaloes. Milk can be easily collected from there. And with raw milk you can make very good quality sweets.

If the quality of your sweets is good then the sweet shop will do very well in the village and you can also sell these sweets in the city.

8. Jute Bag Manufacturing Business:

Currently, plastic bags have been banned in villages and towns. It is also necessary to increase environmental awareness. In this case you can start jute bag making business.

You need to buy a machine to make jute bags and here using jute as raw material will automatically make jute bags.

9. Mug Printing:

One of the best gifts to give on any occasion is a custom designed mug. If you can make different designs on porcelain mugs then you can do this business very easily.

These mugs are usually made for gifting to someone. Besides, you can capture your own favorite moment or someone’s favorite moment in the mug design.

10. Travel Agent:

There are many people towards the village who prefer to go somewhere far away but it is not always possible due to lack of proper planning and inconvenient transport system.

If you can work as a travel agent and arrange all the travel arrangements for those who want to travel, then you can easily do this business even from the village.

11. Gift Business:

Different auspicious occasions like weddings, birthdays, banquets etc. require different gifts.

If you can open a gift center shop, many people will buy gift items from your shop and if the quality of the items you sell is good, your number of customers will increase day by day.

12. Selling over the Internet:

There are many people in the village who can make beautiful handmade items. But due to lack of suitable market they don’t get opportunity to sell those things or sometimes they have to go far to sell them.

If you can arrange to sell their goods and buy raw materials online then you can earn a lot of money as a middleman.

13. Broom Making Business:

A broom is an essential item in every home from rural to urban areas. But real brooms are made from trees. Nowadays though plastic brooms are available in the market but they cannot clean as well as the original brooms.

Broom making plants are usually located towards the village, more near where there are rivers. If you can make broom or barun by collecting these plants then you can easily sell it in village market or city market.

14. spice business

Spices are an essential part of cooking. From village to city, spices are used in cooking, otherwise the taste of cooking remains incomplete.

If you can bring various spices from the city and sell them in the village market, then you can earn thousands of rupees every month by selling spices.

15. Pottery making business:

Although the use of earthenware is decreasing day by day, many people still eat in earthenware to show nostalgia. Also clay pots are very popular in tea shops instead of paper cups. In addition, in big hotels and restaurants, they are now allowed to eat in clay dishes.

One of the businesses that can be done in the village is pottery making business. You can make anything from clay glass to clay vara, clay plate etc. and sell them in any big market in town or village.

16. Money Remittance Business:

Many people from the village live in the city. Many times many people have to run around in the city or village for money. Many run from town to village or village to town to send money to their loved ones.

If you can start remittance business as an intermediary, you can earn a lot of money every month without any investment.

If someone needs to send money from city to village, they can send money through you. If for any reason the village has to send money to the city, then they can send money through you.

17. Candle Making Business:

Nowadays load shedding towards villages is a routine problem. Moreover, not everyone can afford to buy an inverter. In case of loadshedding towards the village even now, the light of lamp or candle is the only hope.

That’s why if you can start a candle making business then you have no chance of loss. To make candles you need to buy candles as raw materials from the city and along with that you need some molds.

18. Home Rental Business:

If you have an extra room in your house, then you can rent that room and get a lot of money per month for the rent.

Besides, almost everyone has extra space in their houses towards the village. If you can build a small house without leaving the space empty, then you can earn quite a lot of money every month by renting it out.

19. Trading in Electrical Products:

If any electronic equipment in a remote village breaks down, they have to run to a distant village or town to get it fixed. Electrical products are not available much in rural areas, so the villagers have to depend on the city.

If you can start an electrical products business in the village, the villagers will benefit – as well as your income.

For this you must import electrical products from a major wholesale market.

20. Brick Making Business:

A brick kiln can easily be built and bricks can be made there as there is a lot of vacant land towards the village.

The first raw material required to build a house is brick. If you start a brick making business, all the bricks you make can be sold in the village. Also, if the price of bricks you make is lower than other places, then many people from the city can come to the village to buy bricks from you.

21. Poultry Farming Business:

As there is a lot of free space in the village, many people earn their living by keeping chicken business. If you start raising ducks and chickens without leaving the empty space at home, it can be a very profitable business for you.

If you want to make this business big, you can do it as a chicken farm. Duck and chicken eggs are in high demand in village and city markets. Besides, meat is also in demand almost everywhere.

So if you can raise ducks and chickens at home, then you can earn huge amount of money every month.

Business Ideas 2023

Business Ideas 2023

Villages are spread over vast areas of India and Bangladesh. A large number of people live in villages as well as in urban areas. While urban areas have various

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