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Business Ideas to Start in 2023 : popular careers for creative minded people, earn thousands of rupees monthly

Leaving the traditional business and job path, many people want to earn creatively like themselves . Currently, the job market is shrinking. Also, not everyone has the capital or the idea to do a good business. Many people want to earn in a unique way .

There are several ways of earning (Creative Business Ideas) for those creative thinking people . Today’s report will detail three popular career ideas for creative thinkers. If you want, you can apply these ideas in your life, you can earn thousands of rupees in a month.

1) School of Dance and Music:

Most of the parents today want their children to excel in some other subject besides studies. Most parents prefer to teach their children to dance or sing.

If you know dancing and singing as an additional skill, then you can use this skill to earn thousands of rupees every month .

First you will need a big room in your home or somewhere nearby, where you can open a dance or music school. Then you need to promote your dance or singing school through social media or leaflets so that many people know about your school.

You can take dance or music classes in your spare time or at any time of the day. But you must keep in mind that your timetable should match the timetable of your students. That is, do not hold classes at any time, when it is difficult for students to come.

If the students start learning dance or music well from you, more students will join your school. And you can earn thousands of rupees every month .

2) Drawing School:

A lot of money can be earned by teaching drawing as well as dancing or singing school . Most drawing classes are held on Sundays, as students have school holidays on that day and can attend classes at any time of the day.

Learning to draw opens up a brighter future for students. Many people get the opportunity to earn money in the future through the art of drawing, besides, learning to draw along with studying in the higher education world is beneficial in many other areas, including education. That is why most of the parents enroll their children in drawing school.

You can earn thirty thousand rupees or more every month from drawing school. You can earn this money by teaching drawing one day a week. Besides, there are six remaining days of the week. During this time you can earn extra money by teaching other students to draw at home or at an art school.

3) Video Editing/ Graphic Editing:

A creative business idea is video editing or graphic editing. Learning this knowledge will benefit you in your own life as well as open a way of earning.

If you learn video editing or graphic editing, you can edit your YouTube video beautifully and present it to subscribers or viewers as extra amazing . In that case, you can also earn from your YouTube channel.

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Besides, many big YouTube channels need video editors for video editing (YouTube Video Editing Business) or graphic editing (Graphics Editing). You can earn from 5 thousand to 10,000 taka for editing one video .

Besides, you can earn a lot of money every month by doing logo design, promotional video editing etc. for different companies.

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