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EPFO Balance 2023 : Will you get proper pension? Find out now by clicking

EPFO Balance: Will you get proper pension? Find out now by clicking. Pension is available at the last age of people.

EPFO Balance: Pension is paid to the last age person. Viewing current very easy pension. However, it is very important to do some things before checking the pension (EPFO Balance). They are-

UAN Activation

First you have to activate UAN. It is your employer’s responsibility to verify and activate the UAN from EPFO. He has to do that. Otherwise, the members of the organization under this scheme will be deprived of the benefits. UAN must be linked with your bank account, PAN card and Aadhaar card. Basically you will see your pension pass book in four ways if these tasks are done properly.

EPFO Portal

  • First visit the website
  • Click on the For employees option in the ‘yours service’ section inside the website. Now go to service option and click on Member passbook. An image will appear on the computer screen at this time.There is another method to see the pass book can also be seen in this method.
  • Another procedure to show passbook: Direct pass book (EPFO Balance) can be seen by visiting this website. For that visit the following official website-

SMS facility

If your UAN is enrolled in EPFO, you need to send a message to 7738299899 to know your recent amount paid in PAF account and PF balance. Write EPFOHO UAN in the message
ENG/BNG. If you write ENG at the end of the sent message, you will get a reply to the message in English. If you write BNG, you will get a reply to the message in Bengali.

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Missed call facility

If you are enrolled in the UAN portal, you can get details about the PF account (EPFO Balance) from your mobile phone by dialing this number 011-22901406.


First you need to download the m-sewa app from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, click on the Member option. Then click on Blance/passbook option. At the end you will see the passbook if you give UNA and grandson mobile number.


Visit the official website for details. The report is written based on general theory.

EPFO Balance 2023
EPFO Balance 2023

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