SBI RD Scheme New Update 2023 : Customers will get Rs 57,000? SBI’s announcement! Click to know the real truth.

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SBI RD Scheme New Update: Customers will get Rs 57,000? SBI’s announcement! Click to know the real truth. Great news for (SBI account) State Bank account holders.

SBI RD Scheme New Update:

Great news (SBI account) for State Bank account holders. Recently, customers are being informed that by this popular bank of the country. 57,000 is planned to be paid very easily for the customers of this government bank. For that only some special rules and some conditions have to be obeyed. Customers will get full Rs 57,658 if doing RD with SBI at low cost.

SBI RD Scheme New Update in detail
ID or Recurring Deposit Scheme is one where a certain amount is deducted every month from the customer’s account. There is no need for any investment to separate by going to the bank. Everything becomes easy when the number is fixed for a specific deposit. (SBI RD Scheme New Update).

good for senior citizens

Citizens get higher interest benefits on these deposits than ordinary customers on recurring deposits. i.e. if a senior citizen invests in RD Eski May. Then he will get interest benefit from 6.75 percent to 7.25 percent. (SBI RD Scheme New Update).

All about investment

  • State Bank Recurring Deposits can be made between 12 months to 120 months.
  • Minimum 100 rupees is required in the beginning for this investment.
  • Investors can also deposit up to Rs 1,000 per month in this deposit scheme of SBI.

How to get Rs.57,658?

  • Customer has to maintain RD of Rs.5,000 per month.
  • Only then that planet will get interest at the rate of 6.75%.
  • In 5 years additional 57,658 rupees will come in hand along with interest.
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If you invest 5000 rupees per month for 5 years, that money will reach 3 lakh rupees. That customer will get total Rs 3,57,658 lakhs with interest on 5 years maturity. That means 57,658 rupees will be the interest amount and 3 lakh rupees will be the investment amount. (SBI RD Scheme New Update)

SBI RD Scheme
SBI RD Scheme
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