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Who Is Vinoy Dubey – Vinay Dubey Mumbai Biography

Vinay Dubey Mumbai

Vinoy Dubey is a name which is current in social media, today we will discuss about Vinoy Dubey, what does Vinoy Dubey do where does he live, Vinoy Dubey is a resident of Kalyan near Mumbai,

his father name is Jateshwar Dubey, he is an auto driver, Vinoy Dubey his father four He is the eldest son, his three younger brothers Nirbhay, Abhay and Ajay lived with their parents in Mumbai.

Vinay Dube passed his high school and after his studies he wanted to become an engineer. He got admission in the university in Mumbai but he failed in the first year examination. After that he left his studies and started politics. We will tell about his political career.

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Vinay Dube is a social activist, he runs an NGO in Mumbai called North Indian Maha Panchayat. The NGO works for the poor people and laborers of North India.

Vinay Dubey is very active on social media he has a lot of followers on facebook twitter instagram etc. Apart from this he earns well from YouTube. About all the videos Vinay Dube uploads on social media.

There are some news in social media which are not true at all but in that case people are confused a lot.

There are some people who speak lies and fight with people of one religion and other religion and oppose all the activities which are modest. When someone wrongs the poor and helpless people, they oppose him with modesty

Arrest of Vinay Dube

Due to Vinay Dube’s growing popularity on social media, the north Indians of Mumbai got to know him well and Vinay also had to shine his politics, so he started voicing the interests of people stuck in lockdown, helping people through his NGO.

And at the same time, he began to assert himself as a hero in bringing migrants home and announced on social media that his company was arranging 40 buses that would drop migrants back home.

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As the video of Vinay Dube’s announcement started to reach people on social media, it was now being discussed that thousands of migrants had gathered at Mumbai’s Bandra railway station on 14 April,

causing the Mumbai administration to panic. Because of the lockdown that was going on in the country due to the corona virus

Bandra railway station crowd gave sleepless nights to the administration and made us wonder whose conspiracy is behind it.

Who Is Vinoy Dubey - Vinay Dubey Mumbai Biography
Vinay Dubey Mumbai

Finally, Vinay Dubey’s video was considered as its mastermind and that’s why Vinay Dubey was arrested by Mumbai Police and put in jail and now Dubey ji is in remand of Mumbai Police till 21st April. Now the law will decide what is right and what is wrong.

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