Is your mobile vibrating with loud noise ! What is the real reason?

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At this time, people’s mobile phones are getting warning messages. People’s mobile phones are ringing with high pressure. Is your mobile ringing like this? Some people are scared and some are worried about the sudden ringing of the mobile phone. Many people think that the mobile has been hacked or corrupted. But is there anything to be alarmed about? Learn about this in detail.

Generally there is nothing to panic or fear about this matter. The Government’s Department of Telecommunications and the National Disaster Management Committee are jointly piloting rapid messaging in emergency situations. This work is being done to ensure that any future warnings can reach Indian citizens.

Usually this message is being sent to the customer to check whether this matter is working properly. It is written there: “Important Notice: You may receive a test message on your mobile about an emergency situation with a different sound and vibration. Please do not panic, this message does not indicate a true emergency”

It is known that this match has arrived on the mobiles of many people in West Bengal, not only that, but the notification of this message is completely different from the normal message and has a strong sound. It is known from the Department of Telecommunications of India that there is a possibility of more such messages coming in the future.

There is nothing to panic or fear. Government of India is a plan which can warn us very early in case of any bad situation later on. And we can take action.

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