Top 10 ideas for village business, can earn a lot of money if you start once

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Business Ideas In Villages

People are given small chickens which the villagers raise and take back to the company.

If you have a large space and proper arrangement then you can earn a lot of money by doing this poultry farm. All you have to do is to get the baby chicks from a company and carefully raise them and sell them back to them to earn a lot of money.

Free Farming: If you have a large pond, you can do free farming without leaving it empty. Currently many people are earning money by cultivating this free in their pond. If you also want to do this open cultivation, you can watch YouTube videos or take help from government agencies.

Oil mixture: If you have good capital then you can mill this oil by buying an oil mill machine and using it you can extract oil from soybeans, mustard etc. and sell it or break it. You can make hundreds of rupees and thousands of rupees every day in this work.

Preparation of Ginger Garlic Paste:
People are very short of time these days. So people sometimes order food online. Ginger garlic is one of the two spices used in curries. Now days ginger and garlic paste is also sold in various shops.

If you make ginger garlic paste, sell it in packets. Then you can earn a lot of money by doing this business. If you feel that there are not many buyers in your village, then there is no need to break down. Because at present there is a huge demand for this ginger garlic paste spice in the city as well. So you can sell in the city even if you don’t sell in the village.

Internet Cafe: For this you need to have extra space in your home. Then you can create a cyber cafe without leaving that space empty.

Nowadays most of the boys and girls go to cyber cafes to fill job forms. Apart from this, many other tasks can be done, such as paying electric bills, paying credit card bills. If someone goes outside or returns to the village from outside, he gets tickets, train tickets, etc. These jobs require a cyber cafe, which you can earn hundreds of rupees per day.

Moreover, such work as printing and lamination of printed photos can be done in your shop, so if you can do these things in your cyber cafe, then you can earn a total of money compared to the cost.

Currently, you can charge 30 to 50 Ruppes for any form fillup, and you can charge an additional ten to twenty taka for any type of bill payment. If you can handle 100 customers in a day then you can earn 20 to 50 Ruppes from each customer then at the end of the day you can earn 2 thousand to 5 thousand Rupees. Which will give you a hefty profit at the end of the month.

Top 10 ideas for village business, can earn a lot of money if you start once.
Top 10 ideas for village business, can earn a lot of money if you start once.
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