Find out why Sunny Leone broke up with her lover in this news.

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Actress Sunny Leone does not talk much about her personal life. But even after returning from a world, the audience did not take him seriously. Sunny sometimes talks about how sad she is that the audience is not taking her seriously. After a long time she told about her boyfriend.

Sunny was married to Daniel but was in love with her pre-marriage boyfriend Russell Peters even after marriage. Not only that Russell used to make fun of Sunny on his show. During a recent meeting, Sunny told that her earlier days were very beautiful, Sunny was very happy. But gradually Sunny realizes that Russell doesn’t care much about her. Then he withdrew from the relationship.

Said to make fun of him on his show. I don’t mind if this improves Russell or makes everyone laugh.

It’s been many years since Sunny Leone left the porn world, but viewers have not forgotten the blue tag from her body. Sunny Leone says in a very distressed tone that her mother hates her now. Sunny said this in a recent interview.

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