If you feel sleepy while working. Then know 7 ways to wake up

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Can’t sleep during exams and working for a long time in the office or staying up at night or getting up early in the morning! But on all those holidays, he wakes up early in the morning. In fact, when we feel more stressed, overstretched, or overtired, we tend to feel sleepier. Jhimuni gets us while working in these situations. We don’t realize that we fall asleep unconsciously while reading a book. Whether reading a book for a while or doing any work, all of us get very tired and sleepy. So today we will tell you 7 ways to wake up.

1) Taking frequent breaks:
At such times, if you sit with your eyes for hours, no work will be done and immediately some physical problems arise. So while working, whether it is two minutes or five minutes, you have to take a break. You can take a short walk while taking the brick. Can eat some snacks. There are many other things you can do. But from you 10 minutes every hour. Don’t forget to do these things and don’t take breaks for more than 10 minutes otherwise you won’t get Terry when the time runs out. By doing this you will be able to study or work very attentively.

2) Caffeine intake:
When you were a child or your kids now have cut out Tom and Jerry in that cartoon Tom drinks coffee one by one to stay awake. You can get rid of your jhimuni sleep by following this method. Caffeine is scientifically proven to eliminate jitters and refresh you. Then you can focus on your studies or work. But there are some rules for caffeine intake such as adults can consume five cups a day. And during adolescence, it is better not to take more than two and a half milligrams per kilogram of body weight. You can have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks. But don’t forget to feed hydrogen caffeinated energy drinks to youngsters.

3) Diversification of work:
If you do the same work all the time or study monotonously, sleep is more stressful. So whether it is work or study it is easier to concentrate if you break it into pieces and step by step. Focusing on work in this way will prevent you from drifting off to sleep.

4) Letting a little light into the air:
If you do any work in a corner of the room, your body will get tired. So you can work by the window enjoying the breeze or you can go outside for a while. You can do that in the roof as well. If you work in a slightly open environment like this. Your mind will be satisfied and if your mind is satisfied you will not feel tired. And if you are not tired, you will not sleep. A 2022 study found that 400 kilowatts of heat can reduce your body temperature. If you work at night, you can work in bright light and if you work during the day, you can work in sunlight.

5) Take a short power nap:
A 2016 study says that short power naps increase the ability to absorb and memorize anything. No matter how well you sleep, you will get tired if you work continuously. If you take a nap of 10-15 minutes then your tiredness will go away.

6) Eating Energy Snacks:
There is no way to sleep. You are having three or four coffees. But the body does not have the same energy as in the beginning to provide that energy you can eat delicious healthy food which should be light. It is scientifically proven that your body will be tired if your stomach is empty. After two hours you can eat light snacks. But don’t forget to eat junk food like oily fried food etc. Excess sugar and salt should not be eaten, otherwise fatigue will increase.

7) Stay active in work:

Sitting in the same place for a long time will make you sleepy. Then your body will go to rest. It is normal that your body will be tired when you get sleep. So you can move around a bit. can exercise You can stretch. Regular exercise helps release feel-good hormones. Then the energy level in your body will be high then you will not get sleep and can work with focus.

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